Struggle rappers are now on high alert. Ebro says record labels are now deprioritizing signing rappers in favor of other genres.


Diddy also signed a one-time album deal with Motown for a solo album to release this summer.

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Drake announced on Instagram that he’s signed to English Grime artist Skepta‘s independent label, Boy Better Know. The Canadian superstar was in London Wednesday (Feb. 24) night performing at the 2016 Brit Awards with Rihanna and then headed to an East London to make the stunning announcement. 


Rick Ross makes it look like Maybachs and steak dinners, but even he’ll tell you that it’s not easy being the boss. Yes, running things provides one with notoriety, and a hefty paycheck but when you’re the face behind a major record label, you also bare potential blame for any musical mishaps. Since navigating through […]

The explosion of the South saw the momentum built from the North transition as southern rappers had created a new blueprint and created an environment where dance music was the appeal and lyricism was becoming a fad of the past. In regards to the West, that ship has been slowly sinking without a prominent rapper […]

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“I’m still counting the same money.” Now why exactly artists aren’t smartening up as it pertains to doing business with Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, whatever he is called now, is baffling. Look at how many times the man has had the change his name as if he escaped prison and had to create a […]

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“I’m just going to keep delivering records that are true to myself and hopefully my life isn’t so far gone to the point that people can still relate.” The world for a Canadian rapper known as Drake has make a sharp right turn for the better as he has exploded onto the seen and has […]

Sometimes it feels like people just come straight out the woodwork and have a mouthful to dish out.  Rapper Fat Joe has been on hiatus for quite some time as his album went through push backs, but now he has resurfaced amongst the living to deliver some news about particular rappers.  As many have looked […]