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“I’m just going to keep delivering records that are true to myself and hopefully my life isn’t so far gone to the point that people can still relate.”

The world for a Canadian rapper known as Drake has make a sharp right turn for the better as he has exploded onto the seen and has been received with popularity that no one could have ever imagined.

Beating out veterans such as Fabolous, Kanye West and 50 Cent by nabbing the number three spot on MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game, the new guy on campus has been able to remain on point with his delivery in 2009.

The new school phenomenon clearly has his work cut out for him as expectations have peaked since he finally signed that dotted line to pledge allegiance to the Young Money label.  On a road where everyone wants to be “Successful” the rapper must find a lane to ensure that his new stardom doesn’t fill his head to the point where he drifts apart from what gave him the initial appeal to Hip-Hop.

With Thank Me Later expected in February, Drake has stated the fact that it might be time to change up the blueprint that was made from his work on mixtapes.  Speaking to MTV, the rapper acknowledges the fact that he’s not in that same space anymore and can no longer carry on as if he is.

“I can’t rap about the same things [as I did] on So Far Gone, so it’s just really trying to tell the greatest story that’s never been told, which is the story of a rapper’s come-up, and tell it without being corny or over bragging or sounding like, ‘Feel sorry for me.’ It’s going to be a very interesting record because I’m really going to have to dig deep and tell stories that people can relate to.”

Drizzy also stated that he continues to show love for his fans as he mentioned the fact that he has projects on the horizon.

Building his initial base and backing, Drake has been able to generate enough buzz for himself without even creating his debut album.  The numbers from his So Far Gone EP are a direct testament to that statement as a 7 record EP with songs already released on a mixtape was still able to perform better than real albums in retail store’s shelves.

As many rappers reach a particular point of success in their career, there is a feeling between fans that the money will get to them and they will sell out to only what generates funds.  Many have continued to speculate that case over 50 Cent since his debut in 2003 as people maintain that the rapper has made a turn for the worse since Get Rich Or Die Tryin’.

Integrity in the music industry is something that is hard to keep once a person is placed in the faces of record executives that only see dollar signs.  Only time will tell if Drake can weather the storm on his path to success.