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The explosion of the South saw the momentum built from the North transition as southern rappers had created a new blueprint and created an environment where dance music was the appeal and lyricism was becoming a fad of the past.

In regards to the West, that ship has been slowly sinking without a prominent rapper with the caliber of Dr. Dre or 2Pac to lead another charge.

With the golden era, such as the Wu Tang Clan, Jadakiss and many other New York rappers, making the most out of 2009 with countless releases, the energy is slowly moving back to its breeding grounds.

Part of the shift back to lyricism comes with the aid of rappers like Joe Budden, whose work within Slaughterhouse set the bar and established the fact that artists needed to actually rhyme again.

Through Twitter, the New Jersey native gave the possible antidote for NY rap to reign again.

“i really liked Loon btw…. he needs to come back,” Joey wrote early Tuesday. “& call me crazy, but Juelz [Santana], Jimmy [Jones] & Cam can bring New York back… I really believe that. The lox back on a major could bring NY back too…. A Rae & Ghost album… More $ behind Kiss… i’m tellin y’all, i know how 2 fix this Shyte !”

As smart as these moves might sound, the politics of the game and the foolishness behind the record labels wouldn’t dare let such moves happen.

Sometimes it’s not about saving the craft when dealing in business.  It’s all about what makes the benjamins.