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The West Coast’s best kept production secret Warren G returns today with his sixth album The G-Files.  Already garnering attention with the lead of single “Swagger Rich” accompanied by his partner-in-crime Snoop D.O. Double G, The G-Child spoke to Hip-Hop Wired exclusively about the album.

“It’s a great record.  I got a lot of great people on there, not a whole lot of features but I got Snoop, Ray J, Raekwon, Nate Dogg, RBX, Travis Barker, and a bunch of young up and coming artists.  It’s a great record man, it’s got a lot of clubiness to it. I touch on a couple of serious things on a couple tracks.  Other than that, it’s more feel good music.

We are in some trying and economic hardship times and this album will lift you up and take you away from that stress for a minute. People want to feel good, they don’t want to be feeling sad and depressed. Its trying times right now so The G-Files will help lift your spirits from that.  It’s a record you can groove to, drive to, you can smoke to, just have a good time man. I got good solid beats, lot of instrumentation. I even got a little bit of electro in my system.”

Warren also discussed The G- Files being a somewhat personal album and how his music relates to people living through the everyday struggle.

“I got a record on there called “Hold On” and it’s basically a record telling all the things that we’re going through.  In these days and times it’s hard to get a job so you got to be resorting to selling drugs and doing crime to get paper.  So the record is just telling you to hold on and keep your head up because this is gonna be over with soon.  Hold on, ya know.  I lost my grandmother, my mother, a lot of people.  My mother in law passed, I lost my brother so it’s basically saying just hold on, hold on and keep your head up.  We’ve all been through trying times and I’m sharing my pain and my experience with people to help them get over what they’re going though.

I got another song that’s called “What’s Wrong” where I touch on a lot of stuff that I went through and seen as a youth coming up.  People I looked up to getting caught up, what’s wrong with the world and I drew some inspiration from my Uncle Marvin…Marvin Gaye.  So he can sang the song, sang the blues, let us know what’s up.”

Warren also took a moment to tout his highly unnoticed production skills which he has every right to be proud of.  From crafting classics like Tupac’s “Definition of Thug Ni**a” to Def Jam’s savior album, Regulate…G-Funk Era, Warren is also highly regarded for his ghost production work on The Chronic and Doggystyle. Speaking on the beats of The G-Files which he produced entirely and his ranking of his latest offering, he declares it’s a Hip-Hop album that weighs right up there with his previous classics.

“I’m not even being like no cocky dude or bossy mothaf&%a but every record I’ve done, I’m telling you, every record I’ve done is banging so it’s just adding to the collection of a gang of  banging a*s Shyte. I try to make every record I do bang, I’m not gonna put out no bullShyte, I got records on there. It’s just the real people who really love music, real Hip-Hop artists and heads know the real Shyte and they gonna roll with that Shyte. It’s just good music, good bright music that we can get down to.

I bet you if I gave everything on that record to Jay-Z…Boom!!! Right now, he’d be like this is the hardest record he ever did in his life. If I gave him everything on there for his album, it’d be a different twist.  It’s not gonna be a straight New York, east coast track. It’s gonna be some heat that anybody can rap on my Shyte to.  It’s not just West Coast.  Anybody, east coast, down south, it don’t matter. I do it for the masses.”

Warren also is gearing to hit the road on national tour that kicks off October 1st at the Roxy in Los Angeles.  The tour dates are listed below:

  • 10/1 Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy Theatre
  • 10/27 Austin, TX – Emo’s
  • 10/29 Dallas, TX – Granada Theater
  • 10/30 New Orleans, LA – House of Blues
  • 10/31 Nashville, TN – Haunted Valley
  • 11/3 Charleston, SC – Music Farm
  • 11/4 Asheville, NC – The Orange Peel
  • 11/5 Charlotte, NC – Amos’ Southland
  • 11/6 Brooklyn, NY – The Music Hall of Williamsburg
  • 11/7 Allston, MA – Harper’s Ferry
  • 11/10 New York, NY – The Bowery Ballroom
  • 11/12 Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue
  • 11/13 Chicago, IL – The Metro
  • 11/14 Madison, WI – Majestic Theatre
  • 11/16 Council Bluffs, IA – Whiskey Road House
  • 11/18 Boulder, CO – Fox Theatre
  • 11/19 Ft. Collins, CO – Aggie Theatre
  • 11/20 Aspen, CO – Belly Up
  • 11/22 Seattle, WA – Neumo’s
  • 11/23 Portland, OR – The Roseland Theatre
  • 11/24 San Francisco, CA – The Independent
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