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A few days ago Kanye West made news when he revealed that he went and got a laptop from Ray J that was supposed to contain a never-before-seen sex tape of Kim Kardashian, and while Kim’s team only acknowledged the revelation by stating the computer didn’t have any sexual content on it, Ray J remained mum on the subject.

Now the “Wait A Minute” singer has broken his silence, but didn’t confirm the existence of said sex video either. With social media a buzz about Kanye saying he flew to LAX to get the laptop from Ray J personally, Ray seems to have had enough of the chatter took to his Twitter page simply to say “This needs to stop. I have kids also.”

Though he didn’t elaborate on what he was referring to it seems like it’s to the talk of the second sex tape. And though Kanye’s made some pretty wild statements in the past, he’s never necessarily lied about anything he’s done or been involved in.

Page Six reached out to Kim Kardashian’s team for comment on the matter who told them that Kim was “very emotional” when Kanye gave her the aforementioned laptop but denied the existence of the second sex tape.

“Kim was and still is truly grateful to Kanye for getting it back,” our insider shared. “The [original 2007 sex] tape caused her a lot of pain and continues to haunt her to this day. Even though they are no longer together as a couple, they remain aligned with the same concerns about how this content that continues to be used against her will affect their four young kids in the future.”

Since Kanye revealed the entire incident on Hollywood Unlocked word has it that Kim Kardashian stopped speaking to him and they communicate through their nanny and bodyguards. Rich people parenting.

Should be interesting to see if Kanye should further get into this scenario in future interviews or if he’ll leave it alone going forward.