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Tuesday, September 29 would be the last day that rapper Bump J would know the smell of freedom for some time as he was sentenced to serve 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to a bank robbery in 2007.

Legally named Terrence Boykin, his guilty plea was able to grant him the minimum sentence for both of the charges that he was facing.  For possessing an illegal gun, J received seven years and for the bank robbery, he will serve behind bars for 37 months. 

The rapper initially was faced with a possible life sentence for threatening the bank employees with a handgun before the plea deal.  He will have time shaved off of his sentence due to the fact that has served time already.

After serving his time for the state, the rapper will be allowed to be placed within a halfway house.

Although the crime happened back in 2007, authorities were not able to catch up to the rapper until November 2008 when he was arrested during a traffic stop while in Illinois.  After being detained, Boykin was charged as one of two gunmen who were suspected of the crime proposed which was also captured on a surveillance camera.

According to WBBM News, the rapper was the target of a nationwide search by Chicago F.B.I.’s Violent Crimes Task Force since September 2008.  Boykin was then indicted on one count of bank robbery and violation of federal firearms statutes.  A witness testimony cited his/her belief of two men being involved in the January robbery of a Chase Bank where over $100,000 was stolen. 

Rappers aren’t fairing too well with the law this year as C-Murder and Max B are potentially serving the rest of their lives behind bars depending on how their case in appeals goes and Lil Boosie is facing 2 years.