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Emmett Till Murder

This past Sunday, August 28th, marked over 5 decades since a 14 years-young Amerikkkanized-Afrikan boy named Emmett Till was gruesomely executed in Mississippi by a lynch-mob of jealous, grown-a*$ racists in Mississippi.

The youth allegedly attempted to get the attention of 21 year-old, Carolyn Bryant, a Caucasian female – which according to the insecure racist Caucasoid males from the segregated South during the time of Jim Crow, is a major no-no.  Being that Till was visiting from Chicago in the slightly more liberal North, he may have been unaware of the consequences for his innocent actions.

“Violence is as Amerikkkan as cherry pie,” once assessed legendary freedom fighter H. Rap Brown, now known as Imam Jamil Al-Amin.

The woman’s husband, Roy, and his half-brother, J.W. Milan, kidnapped the youth from his great-uncle’s home, took him to a barn, mercilessly beat him, gouging out an eye and shooting him through the head.

His ravaged body was eventually found 3 days later at the bottom of the Tallahatchie River, strapped to a 70 pound cotton gin fan using barbed wire strung around his neck, with his face badly mutilated.  The gruesome find was nothing new in the United Snakes Of Amerikkka – ‘Land of the free’, but because it occurred during the onset of the Civil Rights Movement in 1955, the heinous crime outraged many.

At the funeral back in Chicago, his mother, Mammie Till Mobley – despite the horrific features of her deceased son – still insisted on an open-casket funeral in order to display to the world, some of the evils of Amerikkka and the hatred it has towards its formerly enslaved inhabitants.  A few hundred thousand attended, and the Black press highly publicized the gruesome images taken at the funeral.

Despite mountains of evidence, as well as credible eye-witness accounts, Bryant and Milan weren’t even indicted, nonetheless tried in court for their crimes.

On the 8th anniversary of Till’s murder, the courageous Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led over a quarter-million people on the ‘March On Washington’ in an effort to display racial solidarity.

Young Emmett Till unwittingly became a sacrifice of the struggle for liberation in the U.S., while at the same time being martyred.  His execution was just another incident which displays the cruelty many Amerikkkanized-Afrikans endure in the land of opportunity.

R.I.P. Little Brother!