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Kanye West has had a struggle few weeks as of late in both his personal and public life, but now his professional life is getting roasted (playfully) by none other than rap legend Snoop Dogg.

Ahead of his Super Bowl halftime show appearance, The Doggfather sat down with DJ Whoo Kid to chop it up about his upcoming performance when Whoo Kid asked him about the oversized Yeezy boots that led to Fat Joe becoming a meme that went viral just a few weeks ago. “Of course rumor is Snoop Dogg is wearing Kanye West’s boots,” DJ Whoo Kid said. “I heard he got you a pair.”

Snoop immediately shut down that talk by jokingly saying “Ain’t no way in the world I can Crip walk in them muthaf*ckin’ big ass space boots.” He continued to cut ass on the boots saying “Only way I’d wear them motherfuckers is if they got me jumping off the Empire State Building into a muthaf*ckin’ lake full of gators or some shit, and I gotta walk on the gators like Pitfall to get out of there.”

Y’all kids definitely don’t know the Pitfall reference but that game was the truth back in the 80’s. Long live the Atari.

Still, Snoop wasn’t really hating on Ye saying “That ni**a gettin’ money, I can’t hate on it,” but then added “But I tell you what, I’d never wear them mutha*ckas. I’m glad it never snows in California.”

The way the globe is warming, Snoop might have to break them struggle stripper snow boots out sooner than later. Just sayin.’

Peep the segment below and let us know your thoughts on those Kanye West boots that’s all the rage amongst hypebeasts… kinda.