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Aircraft Passengers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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In today’s episode of How TF You Get Fired On Your Day Off? an Omaha software company employee got himself fired for allegedly hurling the n-Word at a flight attendant after she confronted the passenger and the group they were with, some of whom were reportedly being loud, drunk, obnoxious and maskless. The group of passengers appeared to be coworkers and some of them wore masks with their company’s logo on them.

In other words: Some racists just be trying to lose their job.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star,  the whole thing took place Monday during a Delta flight from Omaha to New York. Multiple passengers reported a group of people who had been drinking in an Omaha airport bar just before boarding the flight and some of them had masks on with the Buildertrend logo on them and four of the group’s members were either not wearing masks or creating such a ruckus on the plane that they needed to be handled by someone—so a Black flight attendant took the initiative. 

One passenger, Laura Austin, said when the attendant came back from the encounter she appeared “very shaken.”

“She told us that she asked some people to put their masks on, and someone called her the N-word,” Austin said.

The flight was already approaching its time to take off, but it returned to the gate and everyone was told to exit, presumably because of the incident. Austin said that when passengers were let back on, “noticeably fewer people” from the Buildertrend group returned to the flight. But of the four people reportedly causing all of the trouble, two of them were let back on the plane until someone from Delta came to talk to the flight attendant who was upset about them being there.

It’s unclear if the employee who used the slur was one of the two, but it has been confirmed that the vocally racist as hell employee was fired.

Buildertrend CEO Dan Houghton had this to say in a statement:

“Buildertrend has always been and will continue to be an inclusive and principled partner to our communities, customers and people. Since learning Monday of reports involving our employees, we have been actively investigating the incident with internal and external parties to learn as much as possible so that we can take appropriate action. We take these accounts of unacceptable behavior extremely seriously.

Based on actions that do not align with Buildertrend’s values and standards of conduct, one employee has been terminated. We continue to investigate the incident and are working diligently to determine all requisite next steps.

Buildertrend shares the frustration, disgust, and concern that many have expressed in the wake of this incident. This behavior does not reflect our values we hold as a company. We sincerely apologize to the passengers and employees of Delta Air Lines; to our employees and customers; our partners in business and philanthropy; and to the communities we serve.

It is our promise to continue being outstanding stewards of the community and our employees. We will learn from this experience and continue to grow as a company.”

On this here Black History Month, let’s just be thankful that there are racists who are dumb enough to wear their places of employment right on their faces.