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Many people figured that the Hip-Hop led Super Bowl Halftime Show was bound to rub conservatives and Trumpians the wrong way, one way or another. But when Eminem took a knee on stage (whether to pay homage to Tupac or Colin Kaepernick), y’all just knew the far-right was going to flip their MAGA lids.

During a Fox News segment led by anchor Joe Concha, he discussed the “controversial” moment at the Super Bowl Halftime Show with an all-female panel and after taking a few shots at Colin Kaepernick, Concha asserted that Eminem shouldn’t have taken the stage if he planned on taking a knee the whole time.

“If he truly wanted to be courageous here, he could’ve protested by not performing at the halftime show at all,” Concha said. “Instead he took all of the free publicity that comes a 100 million people watching and then did his protest.” He then went so far as to point out that Eminem is from Detroit and took a shot at Motor City by saying it “ranks in the top 5 as far as being one of the most dangerous cities in America.” What in the hell does that have to do with anything.

Getting back to Em, Concha felt that Slim Shady didn’t “read the room” and by taking a knee he’s “insisting that police are the problem? Right.”

It’s obviously a slow day for culture war news if Fox News is reporting that Eminem took a knee during the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Meanwhile in the real world, their cult leader, Donald Trump is finding himself in all kinds of legal jeopardy as he’s been found to have broken all kinds of laws by not only destroying official presidential records that could possibly incriminate him, but even taking 15 boxes worth of White House records and even classified documents to his Mar-A-Lago after leaving the presidency in shame. But you won’t be hearing about that on Fox News. It’s all about culture wars and divisiveness on that “news” network and unfortunately it seems to be working as their audience are now turning to violence (January 6th) and intimidation to deal with anyone who doesn’t support their right-wing agenda.

Stay safe out there, y’all.