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Tom Holland Spider-Man Meme

Source: Sony | @spidermanmovie / Sony

Spider-Man: No Way Home was by far 2021’s biggest Hollywood blockbuster having grossed $1.6 billion at the box-office so far, and now fans will be able to experience the classic Spider-Man film at home as Sony Pictures has announced a release date for both digital and Blu-Ray copies of the film.

Taking to Twitter to make the revelation, Sony Pictures used a classic Spidey pointing at Spidey pointing at Spidey meme to announce that No Way Home will be hitting the digital shelves on March 22nd and actual store shelves on April 12 when 4K UHD and Blu-ray Discs drop.

We guess this a major spoiler for anyone who hasn’t seen the film and doesn’t surf the web for any information. Still, having Tom Holland (Spider-Man), Andrew Garfield (Double-OG Spider-Man), and Tobey Mag

Tom Holland Spider-Man Meme

Source: Sony / Sony

uire (Triple-OG Spider-Man) recreate the famous Spider-Man cartoon meme for marketing purposes was a stroke of genius.

Having Tobey and Andrew reprise their roles in No Way Home was such a huge hit with fans, rumors have Andrew Garfield returning as the Spidey to face off against Tom Hardy’s Venom in Venom 3 and Tobey once again donning the red and blue suit in the upcoming Doctor Strange film, Multiverse of Madness. Remember how fans just hated Garfield’s Spider-Man iteration back in the day? My how a few years off the grid can change opinions.

Tom Holland meanwhile is said to have signed a deal with Sony to star in a brand new MCU Spider-Man trilogy which is said to include a new MCU version of Venom and eventually the Sinister Six. Though it’s not confirmed, the mid-credits scene in No Way Home teased the coming of Venom, so get ready for that epic battle that’s bound to come.

With the release of the digital and disc versions of the film, word is it’ll contain deleted scenes and extras featuring the big three Spidey team that didn’t make the final cut. Should be interesting to see what didn’t make the cut.

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