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Police Officers Filmed Dancing At West Indian Day Parade

A couple of New York police officers are in hot water for getting loose during this year’s West Indian Day Parade.

According to the Daily Mail:

The men in uniform, dressed as NYPD officers, are filmed gyrating their hips behind several women bending down in front of them at the parade in Brooklyn.

One of the men then thrust his pelvis up against a dancer, who was wearing nothing but a tiny green two piece.

As a couple of the officers took part in the debauchery, a few more of their colleagues stood by laughing at the scene.

But bosses at NYPD don’t think it’s a laughing matter and according to the, an investigative unit in Brooklyn is looking into the video.

A source told the news site: ‘It’s not corruption, but it looks bad. It’s young cops doing something stupid.’

Yeah, it does look bad, but not neither as bad as the officer in New Mexico who got fired for having sex with a woman in his uniform on a car in broad daylight.

Check out the boys in blue getting it in at the West Indian Day parade below.