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Following in the footsteps of his favorite President, Kanye West has just been suspended from one of his social media accounts. Instagram has pulled the plug on Ye for 24 hours after he went on a wild rant attacking Trevor Noah, Pete Davidson (of course) and Kim Kardashian (again).

According to TMZ, Kanye West violated Instagram’s policy on hate speech, bullying and harassment when he went after Trevor Noah with a racial slur due to a segment Noah did talking about Ye and Kim’s divorce. Referring to Noah as a “K**n” on his page, Kanye West obviously didn’t appreciate The Daily Show host’s take on his marital situation. Couple that with the fact that Kanye’s been constantly taking shots at Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian and D.L. Hugley as of late, Instagram decided it was time to put Kanye on timeout.

Now that he’s been suspended for 24 hours, Kanye won’t be able to post, comment or send DM’s to anyone until the suspension is lifted. Whether or not this will keep Ye from lashing out at his perceived critics remains to be seen, but apparently the heads over at Instagram seem to have a plan should Kanye jump out the window again.

“The spokesperson tells us they’ll take additional steps if further violations happen.”

But fret not for according to French Montana, Kanye will copy another one of Donald Trump’s maneuvers and apparently begin his own social media website.

While we’re pretty sure French was just kidding around with his comment, knowing Kanye you know he’s capable of at least trying to pull something like this off. Should be interesting if he actually follows through on such an idea. Still, we all saw how well Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform flopped upon it’s release, so we can’t say we’re excited about the potential that a Kanye West social media website might have. Just sayin.’