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The legal tussle between ousted anchor Chris Cuomo and his former employer CNN is moving forward but this time some of Cuomo’s former coworkers are now filling the wrath. In a recent legal filing, Cuomo singled out his one-time close friend Don Lemon by saying the network didn’t discipline the host for his alleged transgressions while on the job.

Deadline was the first to report on the $125 million arbitration filing from Cuomo against CNN, which paints the firing and subsequent fallout as a smear campaign.

“Cuomo has had his journalistic integrity unjustifiably smeared, making it difficult if not impossible for Cuomo to find similar work in the future and damaging him in amounts exceeding $125 million, which includes not only the remaining salary owed under the Agreement, but future wages lost as a result of CNN’s efforts to destroy his reputation in violation of the Agreement, a portion of the filing reads. “Cuomo now seeks to recover the full measure of his damages against Turner and CNN.”

The Daily Beast unearthed other details of the matter, including zeroing in on an apparent rift between Cuomo and Lemon, betraying their longstanding friendship and closeness away from their journalistic duties.

“As long as CNN’s ratings would not be hurt, Zucker and Gollust were more than willing to overlook major transgressions by CNN personalities such as Don Lemon and Jake Tapper, or even to engage in blatant misconduct themselves,” the filing added.

Cuomo believes that CNN overlooked Lemon’s close connection to Jussie Smollett during the early days of his legal ordeal regarding the alleged racist attack that the actor was accused of staging.

Neither Lemon nor Jake Tapper has responded to Cuomo’s missives.

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