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Beyonce Is Having A Baby Girl

For everyone dying in suspense, waiting to know the sex of Beyonce’s baby, (although not the most credible source on the internet) is reporting that Mr. and Mrs. Carter are expecting a baby girl.

MTO reports:

We spoke to someone affiliated with Christina Louboutin and learned that Jay Z’s sister ANNIE placed an order for some CUSTOM Christan Louboutin booties. The bootie, which are a HOT COMMODITY among celebs, take approximately 6 months to receive.

Although I don’t see why a baby boy can’t wear a pair of CUSTOM Christan Louboutin booties, am I wrong here?

Reports also stated that Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles told a reporter at Fashion Week that Bey and Jay do know the sex of their baby, but have decided to keep that information private.

So it looks like we won’t get an official announcement anytime soon, so Beyonce fans might want to hold off on getting all-pink-everything for Baby Carter, just in case.

In other news, it’s been speculated that pregnancy among black women ages 18-40, mostly Beyonce stans, have gone up since King Bey announced her pregnancy during the MTV VMAs in August.

And no, we have no information to back those statistics up. We actually just made that up ourselves.