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Kenji Caught In 4K While Trying To Prove He Doesn't Cheat In 'Call of Duty'

Source: Jon Kopaloff / Getty

This one competitive gamer went out of his way to prove he’s not a cheater and, in the process, exposed himself to be a cheater.

Yup, you read that correctly. Kenji, who made his fame competitively playing Call of Duty, exposed himself to be a cheater after he was accused of using a particular cheat while playing by his opponents. Some believed the semi-pro Esports player was using a “wallhack” while competing in the Call of Duty: Vanguard tournament Checkmate Gaming and a recent 2v2 match. The cheat allows players to see opponents through walls giving them an unfair advantage during competitive online play.

To dispute those claims, Kenji decided to set up an additional offscreen camera to record him playing but hilariously forgot to turn off the wallhack. Instead of clearing his name, he provided a video of himself in 4K cheating using the hack and is getting flamed for it.

As a result of exposing himself, Checkmate Gaming banned Kenji permanently from competing and was removed from an upcoming College Call of Duty Tournament. His blatant cheating not only affected him but his teammates also. They were also disqualified from competing. Kenji has also shutdown both his Twitch and Twitter accounts to hide in obscurity cause we are sure he was getting clowned on social media, and rightfully so.

Call of Duty has been aggressive in cracking down on cheating during online play. Near the tail-end of 2021, Activision launched Ricochet, its anti-cheat software geared towards cheaters in Warzone and Vanguard. Earlier this year, Activision sued Engineowning, a company famously known for advertising and selling Call of Duty cheats.

Let Kenji’s mishap be a lesson to you all. Cheaters never prosper.

Photo: Jon Kopaloff / Getty

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