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So a lot of people may have a puzzled expression on their face and are scratching their heads asking ‘Who the Fawk is Mark Curry?’ and it’s okay, it happens.

A brief history lesson, Mark Curry is an Atlanta-based rapper that was once under the Bad Boy imprint and worked to bring Puff Daddy to the point where he could be known as Diddy.  Under the label since 1997, Curry departed ways, or disappeared like the rest of the roster, around 2005.

According to sources, including himself, Curry was responsible for many top-charting hits for Puff back in the day as his ghostwriter although he never had an album materialize for himself.  Anyone that still needs a face to the name, the rapper was featured on the video “Bad Boy 4 Life.”

Among the list of disgruntled employees, Curry is no different as has spoke on his problems with Puff on many occasions.  The talk even resulted in a book titled, Dancing With The Devil speaking on such subjects as how Diddy basically drained his artists of their funds by charging them for his feature on their albums, even if the appearance wasn’t asked for.

In an interview with Gyant Unplugged, Curry took some time out to clear out the mess and speak on the actual relationship between Biggie and Diddy.

“Biggie was already on his way out the door,” Curry said in an interview. “And I just remember the stories of when Biggie would want money from Puff — and they would be doing a show and Biggie wouldn’t show up to the show until ten minutes before the show and Puff would be like ‘Where is he at, where is he at?’ and that’s where he would be his leverage. Like, Biggie knew that Puff needed him… If you break it down and look at the situation for what it truly is, Biggie Smalls made Bad Boy. Bad Boy is Biggie Smalls… A person like Mase that come to Puff and wants a record deal, automatically is willing to do anything he’s gotta do to have that deal because he automatically — he asked him for a record deal. So you gotta look at it like, you willing to sell your soul for this Shyte right here.”

Such a strong statement raises many alarms and even more questions.  What would Bad Boy have been if Biggie was still here today?  What would have happened with his career because everyone knows how Puff does now after two releases from his artists now.

An even bigger question is why come out now?  Sounds like a plea for attention since there was it’s been four years since he left the label.  Whatever the case, Diddy has a lot of skeletons in the closet and the bones seem to be falling out.

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