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Close Rikers railly

Source: Andrew Lichtenstein / Getty

An NYC correctional office who’s called out sick for more than 100 days has been rewarded for his “work ethic” with a fancy new gig: Driving the Correction Commissioner.

According to the New York Daily News, Correction Officer William Aviles was amongst the many Rikers Island correctional officers to have called in sick for “extended periods” (160 for Aviles) and did so 26 times in 2021 alone for multiple days at a time. Most people would get fired for such actions, but these are Rikers Island correctional officers, so you know they’re not going to get picky about who to keep and who to let go.

Knowing that potential replacements are slim pickings, the six-year veteran used that to his advantage and was rewarded handsomely as “Correction Commissioner Louis Molina offered him the job as his driver, Aviles returned to full duty on Dec. 31. He hasn’t missed a day since, the sources said.

The news comes right after Capt. Davelle Williams was tapped to run Molina’s security detail and of course, Williams comes with her own baggage as she pleaded guilty to driving drunk and running another car off a Long Island highway in 2020. Williams even has open an disciplinary case stemming from that incident and is suing the city for alleged discrimination.

Naturally these appointments have garnered Molina criticism but still he says he believes in “the power of redemption and second chances.”

Give that man an NFL team and have him talk to Colin Kaepernick. Just sayin.’

Still, some are taking notice and fear what kind of message this sends to others in similar situations regardless if they deserve a second chance or not.

“At the same time that the Department of Corrections denies basic medical care to those incarcerated at Rikers, Commissioner Molina has promoted officers to his personal detail who have abused sick leave and have open investigations for stealing time,” said City Councilman Shekar Krishnan of Queens.

“These appointments send a message that officers who abuse public resources and neglect their duties are to be elevated, while individuals in custody continue to suffer egregious rights violations. This is why the Rikers Island disaster persists.”

Yeah, this isn’t a good look at all especially given the history of Rikers Island and the corruption that comes with it.

But like Tupac once said: some things will never change.