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Fif Details Ray J, Fabolous Squabble

More details continue to emerge in the skirmish between Fabolous and Ray J in Las Vegas Sunday night.

50 Cent, who was standing between Fab and Ray when the drama popped off, was on Funkmaster Flex’s radio show last night and explained what he saw.

“Ray J taps Fab on the shoulders and says ‘I told you my peoples wasn’t going to be happy about that’ “ Fif explained to Flex.

“And Fab is looking at him like hes crazy cause he looking at me, ’cause Fab was saying wassup to me. He said ‘Whoa, you lost your mind?’ “50 recalled Fab saying as Ray continued to badger him, poking Fab’s shoulder for emphasis.


50 also confirmed Fab’s report that Ray J never landed a punch on the rapper.

“If he would have got punched in the face, Flex, Fab wouldn’t have went onstage with no glasses,” said 50. Then adding, “Nah he didn’t [punch him]. If he got punched in the face it ain’t enough to call it a fight … Ray J did swing at him but it didn’t connect.”

The Queens rapper also admitted that he thought Ray was on one when he initiated the altercation. “I think [Ray J] had a little bit of juice in him,” said Fif.

Peep 50 recalling the entire incident below: