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Former President Trump Holds Campaign Rally With Michigan Political Candidates

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The GOP sure does know how to find the ditsiest, most ignorant QMorons in America to endorse for positions of power, don’t they? This is especially true when Republicans start scouring the sunken place looking for Blacky-lackey mascots they can parade around as their resident Black friends.

Kristina Karamo, a community college professor who claimed she witnessed election fraud during the 2020 presidential race where not a shred of evidence proving any fraud was discovered, has officially been endorsed by the Michigan GOP as a candidate for secretary of state. Karamo is also apparently a Republican looney-coo…I mean, toon who thinks pop music is music by Of the Devil, by the Devil and for the Devil.

It turns out Karamo used to host the kind of podcast you only listen to when you’re the type of person who screams “get off my lawn” at children while Googling which bottled water brand is anointed with the holy spirit. (It’s definitely not Dasani .)

From Raw Story:

In Aug. 2020, Karamo explained that Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish were putting children “under a satanic delusion.” Three years ago at the MTV Video Music Awards, Grande performed a version of “God Is a Woman,” with women reenacting the Leonardo da Vinci painting of The Last Supper. A panel of women sat at a table holding hands as Grande sang, “Baby, lay me down and let’s pray.”

Karamo called it nothing more than a “lesbian orgy.”

In Billie Eilish’s video for the song “Good Girls Go to Hell,” the singer sprouts wings from her back and appears to fall from the sky and into a vat of a black tar substance. Her lyrics include the idea that St. Peter is on vacation from the pearly gates. She goes on to sing, “all the good girls go to hell; ‘Cause even God herself has enemies; And once the water starts to rise; And heaven’s out of sight; She’ll want the devil on her team.” The song is her nod to the “belief that moral acts are futile, because in the end she believes they will all fall,” wrote the PopSong Professor.

So, basically, if Karamo ever discovers Lil Nas X, she’s going to have a whole heart attack.

Anyway, Karamo also reportedly targeted Beyoncé with her weird nonsense claiming the “Formation” singer is “working overtime to pull more and more Black Americans into paganism and calling it American spirituality.” She appears to by out crazy-ing the “Crazy in Love” singer by resurrecting hotep rumors about her and Jay-Z being Illuminati members. She even said she believes Hov is a Satanist but acknowledges there is no “hard proof.”

Finally, Karamo joined the likes of Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro in obsessively complaining about Cardi B’s “WAP,” which led Karamo to dub the “Bodak Yellow” artist “a tool of Lucifer.”

So, to recap, Kamaro is a QAnon conspiracy theorist, a religious zealot and a prude who sees the Devil in any sensual act that doesn’t fall under the category of “vanilla sex.”

Yep, that’s a GOP candidate for you.