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AKOO Sales Booming While T.I. Imprisoned

Sales numbers for T.I.’s AKOO clothing line have jumped almost 25% since the rapper’s 2010 incarceration on parole violation charges, according to numbers provided to TMZ.

According to sales reps for the company the brand began to spike since T.I.’s MTV reality show “Road to Redemption” aired in 2009 before the rapper’s first bid on weapons charges.

In related news, The Kang dodged a bullet last week in an infringement lawsuit against the AKOO clothing line.

The suit filed by a company named Akoo International, revolves around a racy billboard advertisement for the AKOO clothing line that was displayed in Newark, New Jersey.

The ad depicted a woman kneeling before a man while pulling down his AKOO jeans.

Akoo International believes the bad pub from the billboard caused confusion with their company and attempted to get a injunction against T.I.’s clothing line.

If granted it would  have barred the rapper from using the name in commerce and immediately halted sales.

On, Friday a judge ruled that Akoo International had not brought forth enough evidence to back their claim of customer confusion.

The case is ongoing.