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Owen Wilson just found out that the struggle is real out in these streets and the wolves are ready to pounce on whoever regardless of your celebrity status.

According to TMZ the Wedding Crashers actor was relieved of the tires and rims off his Telsa which he parked right in front of his home in Santa Monica, California. Must’ve been some thieves hype off of wheatgrass shots or something. Apparently Wilson got home on Saturday night, parked in front of his home, but when he woke up the next morning the rims and tires were gone with the wind.

All in all the final cost of the stolen items totaled up to $4,000. Luckily that’s pocket change to a working man like Owen Wilson. Had it been someone like Emilio Estevez, it probably would’ve hurt him like hell. Just sayin.’

We’re told cops will investigate the case as grand theft and are checking neighborhood home security cameras for any leads on the thief or thieves.

So far, no arrests have been made … and cops tell us this kinda crime is becoming common in the area.

What kinda world we live in when rich white folk can’t park their car in front of their lavish homes in nice neighborhoods without fear of it being stripped of it’s goodies?