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Jerrod Carmichael and A$AP Rocky might not seem to be the likeliest of friends, but that notion is quickly dashed after a recent chat between the pair was published. Carmichael and Rocky both dished on fashion, sexuality, their friendship, and much more.

Jerrod Carmichael and A$AP Rocky Cover Lots Of Topics

The pair interviewed one another for Interview magazine, and the warmth shared between them is immediately noticeable in the text. One heartwarming moment is Carmichael stating that after coming out as gay that he hoped Rocky would still accept him. What transpired in the conversation reveals how much love their pair have for each other.

From Interview:

CARMICHAEL: Wait. You know why I was excited to talk to you? Everyone knows Rocky is the coolest man on earth. But it’s like, I released a special, right? And in it, I’m coming out, which is really hard to do. It’s really hard to say, “I’m gay,” in a comedy special. Because comedy, like rap, is very masculine and cool.

ROCKY: Absolutely.

CARMICHAEL: I was like, “Will people still f*ck with me? Or are they gonna be on some ‘no homo’ sh*t?” I thought people were going to turn it off, for real. Because the thing is, I was—and I’m using air quotes here—“straight” a long time, bro. So I heard everything. I know how niggas feel.

ROCKY: [Laughs] But you want to know the funniest part? When I watched the special, I kind of felt like I was one of the homeboys you was referring to, like, “The whole time nigga? You was gay the whole time?”

CARMICHAEL: Yes, bro. That’s why I needed to talk to you, because you are the homeboy I’m referring to in the special, and I still need you to think I’m cool! Your opinion means a lot.

ROCKY: But you got to know this: You finding yourself, and really becoming yourself, and being proud of that, is the coolest shit ever. I f*ck with you so heavy, bro. And who gives a f*ck? If people you know are concerned about that, you don’t need those motherf*ckers in your life.

Amen to that.

Check out the entire piece and Jerrod Carmichael’s fashion spread here.

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