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Killer Kill, know known as Mike Bigga has released the first video from his latest independent project Underground Atlanta. Speaking with Hip-Hop Wired, The ATL Monster said,

“It’s the first single off the Underground Atlanta compilation and he and I went to Vegas with that Shyte.  So trust when ya’ll get that Shyte and see it, ya’ll gonna get it and totally understand… Let’s just say we went and did the Black version of ‘Hangover.’  Me and Big Kuntry King went out to Vegas and we got a suite, some strippers and we hired some “exotic animals.”  That’s about all I can tell you.  The song is called “I’mma Fool Wit It” so ya’ll already know what we did.”

While fans are anxiously awaiting his next solo project, they’ll have to wait till next year because as Mike Bigga put it, “I gotta chill till The King come home.”

In the meantime, he released Underground Atlanta last month to help bring light to emerging Atlanta talent that are slightly missed as they sit below the radar.  Bigga added,

“Atlanta has a lot of good music and people only hear one type of the good music. When you come down you normally just hear the “swag” or the “trap stuff” and when you go home you probably never hear those records again. Like “Up Thru Dere” (Shop Boyz) should have been a hit. “Bubblegum” (K-Rab & Stuntman) should have been a national hit. Those records are never heard in a bigger format and I was like why haven’t any of these guys in Atlanta with the money, the power and the resources to do it…Why haven’t they ever provided a platform for all of these other artists. And all of these other artists don’t just include street artists. You got B.O.B., Proton, Grip Plyaz who work in the alternative scene. Yellow Wolf.  I gave this album an opportunity to take all these people from all these different scenes on Atlanta… because Atlanta people party together. We all end up at the strip clubs no matter how weird you are or whether you got a Mohawk or a Dickie suit. We all gone be in Magic City on Monday and Blue Flame on Wednesday so I said I’m gonna use an album as a format to do all these records that I like.”

Click here to watch the video.