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Racism Reported At Michigan State

Students at Michigan State University were recently greeted by a racist sign that read “No N*ggers Please” posted on their campus.

The sign is just one of many acts of racism that’s taken place this year at the State school and was addressed Tuesday at a town hall meeting.

“The incident that really jump-started this movement was an incident at Akers Hall where someone wrote ‘No Ni**ers, please’ on a door of a young lady’s room,” said Mario Lemons, the president of the MSU Black Student Alliance (BSA).

“The residence life staff told us not to talk about. Of course, someone took a picture of it and sent it to one of us.”

Lemons and his fellow Black students are taking a stand against these actions and started a trending topic on Twitter to address their issues; #MSUBlackUnity.

“We put it on Facebook and Twitter and started a dialog about it,” Lemons told The Associated Press. “From that came more stories of other people going through things on campus.”

Other reported acts of racism have included physical acts of racial intimidation and a Black doll being hung from a beaded noose in a chemistry lab.

Students have also reported being called the n-word, and being told that they were only accepted to the institution because of affirmative action.