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Chef Alton Brown who is a staple of the Food Network and host of several shows had a mic drop moment on Netflix’s Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend. 

The moment came as Brown and co-host Kristen Kish were watching challenger chef Esther Choi and iron chef Marcus Samuelson whip up some dishes, as reported by Blavity

As they noticed Chef Choi dropping stuffed chicken wings into the fryer, Brown said that the challenger was about to serve the judges stuffed Korean fried chicken wings. 

Kish, who is Korean, added, “Korean fried chicken is by far the best fried chicken on the face of the earth.” 

“And do you know why?” Brown asked Kish. “Because it was taught to Korean cooks by African American GIs after the World War.”

Brown then looked into the camera with a knowing facial expression as Kish said, “If I had a mic, I would drop it right now.” She added, “Great fact.” 

The Facebook clip has racked up tens of thousands of shares and likes on the social media site. Commenters have praised Brown who is known for his extensive food knowledge as a cookbook author and food presenter. He has been dropping gems on nearly every episode of the series. 

Choi did eventually win the challenge with her Asian-inspired interpretation of tailgate food.