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The Desus & Mero brand is no longer strong but actually gone. But it was actually someone from their hive that broke the story about their split.

As The Gothamist the Bodega Boys are now a wrap. As expected the news took their fans and colleagues by total surprise. But one supporter actually was able to piece their separation prior to it being formally announced. As early as a couple of weeks ago rumors started buzzing that the comedic duo were no longer chummy but it was the Bodega Boys Daily Twitter account who cracked the code regarding their status.

“NAH ITS A WRAP BRODY, SOMEBODY MENTIONED DUDE TWEETING THAT FROM SOME COUNTRY AT LIKE 3AM…I TOURED W DUDE FOR YEARS HE WAS FUBAR AND IN HIS BAG. PODCAST DONE ENJOY THE BACK CATALOG MY PALS.” wrote Mero in a tweet responding to Desus who previously said “bodegahive you think I abandoned y’all but the art is coming back. Plz believe me, I love y’all.”

A couple of days later the official Showtime account confirmed the speculation via Twitter. “Bodega Hive: The illustrious

@desusnice and @THEKIDMERO will be pursuing separate creative endeavors moving forward. #DESUSandMERO will not be returning to SHOWTIME. It’s been a good run, fam.”

“I thought maybe a couple hundred die-hard fans would see it and be upset … and that’s about it,” explained Rebecah Jacobs, 27, who runs the account. “Once I saw it spreading and their names trending on Twitter, I realized it had become a much bigger story and that they’d probably have to comment on it — but assumed that would just be a reply to my tweet and nothing super formal.”

She went to reveal she caught a vibe that the brand was crumbling when she saw that Desus would be guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! solo. “Once I saw that, it registered that they’ve been doing more and more separately lately, which made me think something might be up,” she said. “More recently, posting videos and pictures from their MLB All-Star Game appearance, I noticed them arriving separately and shooting a bunch of content on their own, so I figured there was some tension.”

Jacobs also shared that Desus reached out to her personally to say sorry for letting her and the hive down. “Desus messaged me apologizing about the podcast and show ending so abruptly,” she said. He told her that “he really tried to save things,” she added, “but I think most of the fans are more upset about a real-life friendship being ruined rather than a podcast or a show ending.”

It was a good run, fam.

Photo: Theo Wargo