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Mase Responds To Allegations That He Only Gave Fivio A $5K Advance

Source: Johnny Louis / Getty

There are always two sides to every story, especially when it comes to artist contracts. Mase says that Fivio Foreign was telling half-truths when he discussed his $5K record advance.

As per Complex, the Harlem native paid a visit to the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game to course correct Fivio’s prior appearance. The “Big Drip” rapper said he originally signed with Mase for only $5,000.00 dollars on the podcast. He explained he did a song called “Blixky Inna Box” with Jay Dee and Dee Savv, piqued Betha’s interest in all three MCs.

He explained that he signed with him during their first meeting. “The n***a that brought me to him, he was like, ‘Yo, man. Just sign that sh*t, You buggin,’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, read it.’ He’s like, ‘Alright, just sign it. It’s good.’ So, I just signed it” he said.

The clip quickly went viral, prompting the former Children of the Corn member to respond to the finesse claim. “At one time, I gave him $5,000, but I gave him $750,000,” he explained. “Because I set him up to do a deal to where I can control the deal, make the deal what it should be because I knew if he had the leverage, he would go in there and sell both of us out.”
Mase went on to share more details regarding the high six-figure bag. “Then, when we went in the building, I took $800,000, and he took $700,000,” Mase added. “The reason why it went down to $700,000 is that when I gave him $750,000, and I took $750,000, he owed me $50,000.”

You can see the entire interview below, with him discussing his dealings with Fivio at the 5:45 minute mark.

Photo: Johnny Louis / Getty