Aaron Judge has knocked one out of the park during his off season. The slugger has reportedly resigned with the Yankees.

There are always two sides to every story, especially when it comes to artist contracts. Mase says that Fivio Foreign was telling half-truths when he discussed his $5K record advance.

Industry rule 4080 still rings true almost 32 years later. Fivio Foreign has revealed he signed to MA$E for only a mere $5000.

Azealia Banks is coming for her coin. She alleges her former manager developed an intimate relationship with the purposes of defrauding her.

One of Hip-Hop’s top talents will hopefully find some resolution regarding her paperwork. J. Prince says Jay-Z will be making good on Meg Thee Stallion’s original contract.

It seems Charlamagne tha God is staying put at the company that helped make him a household name. He has signed a new contract to keep him at iHeartRadio for another five more calendars.

There is always three sides to a story; the accuser, the accused and the truth. Carl Crawford has responded to Meg Thee Stallion is he is saying it is all CAP.

Kanye West turned heads last year with a coontastic comment that slavery “sounds like a choice” which didn’t gain him much in the way of support. Now, the Chicago superstar is fighting for his freedom from a binding contract with EMI that states he’s not allowed to retire from making music.

For die-hard Tupac Shakur fans, this may be a deal to keep all eyes on. The late rapper’s signed contract for his appearance in the 1992 cult classic Juice recently hit the Internet market and is being auctioned off on eBay for $6,500, reports XXL. Juice, the movie that catapulted Pac into film stardom with […]

Beginning 2010 with a bang, Young Buck has refused to let his foot off of the throats of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson  and the G Unit brand that he stands behind. Ironically like the situation with Beanie Sigel and Jay Z, Buck has released numerous diss tracks trying to bait 50 and finally bring him […]