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Beginning 2010 with a bang, Young Buck has refused to let his foot off of the throats of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson  and the G Unit brand that he stands behind.

Ironically like the situation with Beanie Sigel and Jay Z, Buck has released numerous diss tracks trying to bait 50 and finally bring him out of hiding to address a few things and find a way to let Buck out of his contract, even if he has to go to extreme measures to make his former brother in rhyme do so.

At this point, diss tracks aside, Buck has stated that he wants to meet face to face with Jackson and finally have a sit down in regards to his contract and his pending career in the Hip Hop world.  Since 2006, the rapper from Tennessee has been pushing to release a follow up to Buck The World, but has stated that 50 is blackballing him.

From an embarrassing leaked phone call to a few choice words on “So Disrespectful”, Buck is at boiling point and is demanding that some action be taken now, otherwise he will have to continue taking matters into his own hands and throwing jabs at his former group.

During an interview with DJ Scream, the rapper stated that he has tried everything in his power to go about his case with Jackson the proper way and keep things civilized.

Mr. Curtis can only hold me for so long. Eventually he’s gotta come to some type of terms of negotiations. I haven’t spoke to 50 in three years. I done did everything you could do, called the ni**a’s phone to having lawyers reach out. I really just want to have a sit-down with this ni**a, eye to eye.

We can do it, personally or on ESPN, BET, MTV, wherever he wanna do this Shyte, I just really want to look at this sh^t in his eyes and see how this ni**a really feels and how he’s going about handling me because I’m a real ni**a and this is something that 50 does though. Every one of themG-Unit ni**as know how I get down. Period. Ain’t no bullShyte.”

Stating that his attack on G Unit will not cease until some order is established, Buck has added that he will deal with them all accordingly.

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