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Megan Thee Stallion

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There is always three sides to a story; the accuser, the accused and the truth. Carl Crawford has responded to Meg Thee Stallion is he is saying it is all CAP.

As spotted on HipHopDX the former professional baseball player has responded to the claims that his premier artist was finessed. Last week Tina Snow vented to the world that her record label 1501 Certified Entertainment took advantage of her when she originally signed her contract back in 2018. She claimed the music entity was not allowing her to release new music.

“1501 don’t want me to put out no music, and I’ve been seeing a lot of sh*t on the internet, and it’s real crazy because all I did was ask to re-negotiate my contract and it became a big thing,” she said. “When I signed, I didn’t really know what was in my contract, I was young, I was about 20.”


Naturally the culture rallied behind her in support which caused Carl Crawford to explain his position in the matter. In an interview with Billboard. “The Perfect Storm” claimed that Meg is not telling the truth. “She just has so many holes in her story, and it’s almost on some delusional type stuff,” he explained. “The bubble of Hollywood and her eight million followers has really clouded her head, because the stuff that she’s saying is not true. It’s a whole lie. Nothing is true that she said. Me being greedy and taking money from her, that’s crazy. I never tried to take nothing from her. The only thing we ever did was give, give, give. Now, she fell for the oldest trick in the industry: the conquer and divide theme.”

He went on to point the finger of blame to Roc Nation and Jay-Z as the true culprits. “Everybody in the industry knows this is what Jay-Z and Roc Nation do: They come in, find the smallest things wrong with the problem — because there weren’t any problems before she left — and then she says that I didn’t want to negotiate?” he elaborated. “OK, tell everybody your definition of negotiating. Your definition is, ‘OK. I’m going to send Suge Knight’s old lawyers to come in, and it’s a stick-up…’ Of course, I’m like, ‘This isn’t a negotiation. This is a robbery.’”

He also addressed the unfair contract in question. “They want to make it look like I’m greedy? No, they’re trying to keep me out of everything. She keeps saying, ‘Them niggas over there negotiated my contract.’ Them niggas are sitting right next to her. T. Farris is the one. Her mom did the contract. I’m new to the business. I let this guy T. Farris run my whole business because I knew absolutely nothing about it. Zero.

In closing he asked Meg to boss up. “Honor your contract and let’s just keep doing business how we been doing and everything is fine. Nobody is trying to rob you.” Clearly the “Hot Girl Summer” rapper sees it differently.

Photo: Cassidy Sparrow