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Leslie Grace x Batgirl

Source: @lesliegrace / Instagram

Last week, Warner Bros. felt the wrath of the comic book and Latino community when they announced that their Batgirl films starring In The Heights star, Leslie Grace would not be seeing the light of day ever.

Now OG comic book head and Hollywood heavyweight, Kevin Smith has weighed in on the decision and he said what we’ve been saying since last week, Warner Bros. f*ckin’ up. According to Deadline the Jay and Silent Bob actor bluntly stated the obvious on his Hollywood Babble-On YouTube series saying “It’s an incredibly bad look to cancel the Latina Batgirl movie.”

Exactly. Felt like a smack in the face of the Latino community who’d been waiting to see a Latina superhero on the big screen or at least HBO Max.

Continuing to explain his stance on the matter, Smith continued on, “I don’t give a sh*t if the movie was absolute f*cking dogsh*t — I guarantee you that it wasn’t. The two directors who directed that movie did a couple of episodes of Ms. Marvel, and it was a wonderful f**cking show and they had more money to do Batgirl than they had to do an episode of Ms. Marvel and stuff.”

Smith also explained that if the $90 million dollar Batgirl movie never gets released, Warner Bros. gets to write it off at $20 million and basically just take a $70 million dollar loss. In other words, there’s a good chance that the film will literally never see the light of day regardless of fan outrage and possible petitions a la Justice League‘s Snyder Cut as Warner Bros. is going to want their millions back.

Leslie Grace for her part took to her IG page to thank the fans for their support and with true class never once took any shots at Warner Bros. as you might expect most actors/actresses would’ve had they been put through a situation like this.

Watch Marvel Studios scoop her up at some point.

Check out Kevin Smith talk about Batgirl below and let us know your thoughts on Warner Bros. shelving the project in the comments section below.