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T.I. Talks His Forthcoming Album

T.I. is ready to give fans a new album now that he’s back to making hits and out of jail.

As previously reported, the rapper recently released his Power & Beauty book detailing a story of a brother and sister overcoming street life.

Now the rapper’s sitting down for an interview with The Huffington Post and speaking on his plans for his next project.

According to Tip his recent features on records like Jay-Z and Kanye’s “N***as In Paris” are a prelude to his own tracks for an album he’ll release early next year.

“I’ve narrowed it down between two album titles, and I haven’t chosen which one it’s going to be yet. However, I recorded between 25 to 30 songs so far, and I’m trying to get the album shaped and ready to go for early next year.

T.I. also spoke on the possibility of a new mixtape and his recent BET Hip-Hop Awards performance.

“I don’t know about a mixtape, champ. I’m focused so much on the album that if I do a mixtape, it’ll be a collective effort with me and the new priorities at Grand Hustle. I’m doing a lot of work to rebuild and reshape the structure of this company, and once we finalize exactly what that’s going to be and who that will consist of, I will take those new pieces and we will together probably do a mixtape, introducing that new outfit to the world.”

On the BET Hip-Hop Awards;

“It felt wonderful just to put my feet back onto the ground on this side of things. And everything that came with that was wonderful. For me, that performance was one of the things that came with it that week. I also enjoyed going to my son’s football game. I enjoyed sleeping in my own bed. I enjoyed opening my refrigerator, changing the channel on my television — you know, just the small things in life.”