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Unjustified hate for President Obama has risen faster than mercury in the middle of July in Alabaster, Alabama since his inauguration.

“Isolated” incidents have sparked concerns of a fringe-driven conservative master plan, one that might ultimately see “Hope” and “Change” cut short by ingenious means that need not be said to be known.

In one of the most sickening displays of un-patriotism and intolerance, the Secret Service is investigating a hate motivated crime, one that saw a swastika and the name of America’s first Black President united in unholy matrimony.

The disgraceful gesture was found at the 18th hole of Lakeville Country Club in Lakeville, Massachusetts.

It is believed that the culprit used golf shoes, or some other miscellaneous tool, to carve the words into the green.

Last month, a former sheriff’s deputy came forward as the mastermind behind another disturbing social attack on the President.

33-year-old Matt Hathaway admitted to posting manipulated pictures of President Obama, clad in full Nazi uniform, on the doors of several public schools in Idaho.

By law, the fringe lunatic could have been charged for trespassing, but the school district interestingly decided to no take any legal action against the fool.