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Kreayshawn Disses Gangsta Boo

A controversial white rapper is responding to an ex-3-6 Mafia member who called he a gimmick.

As previously reported, Gangsta Boo sat down for an interview with XXL and called out ‘Gucci Gucci’ rapper Kreayshawn.

According to Boo, the white femcee is acting like a “ghetto girl”, an act she doesn’t find amusing.

“I don’t listen to Kreayshawn,” she said. “I’m really not feeling her. — I think she’s a wigger. I think she looks like she came out the movie B.A.P.S.; like the whole ghetto girl thing, I don’t know if that’s how white girls do it in Oakland. I got to meet her personally to feel her out, to understand like, ‘OK, like, this is really this girl, like she ain’t a wigger, she just her. She likes ghetto looks, she ain’t trying to be a black girl. That’s just her.’ So until I meet her I have a lil’ bitter taste in my mouth to her…To me it’s an act and it’s a gimmick but its not a funny one.”

An on Thursday Kreayshawn obviously caught word of Boo’s disses and took to Twitter to say,

And while she didn’t address her directly, Gangsta Boo obviously took offense.

Kreayshawn has yet to speak further on the issue.