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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis Continues Probe Into Trump Election Overturn Efforts

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Fulton County DA Fani Willis came to prominence after her office brought charges against Young Thug and his fellow YSL members, and recently went after a group of alleged robbers known as the Drug Rich. During a reading of the 220-count indictment against the Drug Rich crew, Willis shot back answers at reporters regarding her tough stance on violent rap lyrics and the debates her actions are sparking.

In a clip provided by local Atlanta Metro outlet 11ALive, DA Fani Willis addressed a throng of reporters to read off the charges regarding the Drug Rich collective. The RICO charges laid out in the press conference involved 26 individuals and it appears that the alleged gang has been in operation since 2016 according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution report.

Willis also made mention of the gang’s activity over the past six years. The Drug Rich gang targeted the homes of wealthy Atlanta residents, including Mariah Carey, Marlo Hampton, and others.

During the press conference, Willis made it clear that a chief priority of her office is to get gangs off the street in Fulton County, and several moments of her time at the podium referenced rap lyrics pointed to the alleged crimes made by the defendants.

One reporter asked Willis if her office is targeting Atlanta’s Hip-Hop community. Willis answered the question without hesitation.

“I’m not targeting anyone but, however, you do not get to commit crimes in my county and then decide to brag on it, which you do that for a form of intimidation and to further the gang and not be held responsible,” Willis said, then recited a portion of lyrics that were used as part of the indictment.

Willis added, “I’m gonna continue to do that. People can continue to be angry about it. I have some legal advice — don’t confess to crimes on rap lyrics if you do not want them used. Or at least get out of my county.”

DA Fani Willis and her office is also responsible for levying charges against the aforementioned Young Thug, real name Jeffrey Williams. Thug’s YSL cohort, Gunna, real name Sergio Kitchens, is also behind bars. Both are due to face trial in 2023.

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