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Carla Hughes dodged a bullet, proverbially speaking, as she will not be receiving the death penalty as many believed she would.

The former grade school teacher made headline nationwide after she brutally stabbed, then shot, to death her lover’s fiancée.

In a state known for killing it’s personal labor force, a jury of nine women and three men found Hughes guilty of two counts of murder in the murder of Avis Banks and her unborn child, opting for life imprisonment for the 28-year-old killer.

Mississippi law states that murder involving a pregnant victim is to be viewed as a multiple murder.

Hughes murdered Avis Banks, 27, in the garage of the home that she shared with Keyon Pittman. Pittman and Hughes were colleagues at Chastain Middle School In Jackson, Mississippi.

It is believed that Hughes committed the crime because she envied the life, and more specifically relationship, of Banks.