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Kimbella Talks Fight With Chrissy Lampkin

Kimbella, one of the stars of VH1’s ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ is back in headlines, this time for speaking on her infamous fight with castmate Chrissy Lampkin.

Thhe model/girlfriend of rapper Julez Santana, was shown in a preview for this season physically fighting Lampkin, the fiance of Jim Jones.

According to her however, the incident was unfair because Lampkin caught her off-guard and acted if she was “getting some air” before she attacked her.

She tells The Jasmine Brand,

“That’s exactly what happened and (of course) I’m going to confirm it because I’m going to stand and hold my own…because that’s what people need to understand…I hope it’s shown in the show….that’s what people need to understand. I need to get it across that I’m not a Itchbay coming out to tell Emily like ‘yo listen, this is what I did, and what!” No, never. I would never be like that to anybody.”

Moving past the drama, the model also shared some advice she received from her good friend Lil Kim. She tells The Jasmine Brand that Kim, who is the godmother to her son, told her to be mindful of the editing that comes with reality show programming.

“Me and Lil Kim are good friends. She’s the God-mother to my youngest son. The first thing she told me when she found out I was doing the show was to watch out for the editing. And I said ‘I’m just gonna do what I do, I can’t really help what they edit.’ She just told me to understand that I’m going in blind-sighted, basically. She said ‘reality TV can be really good, or it can do really bad for you. Just be yourself and I got your back for whatever goes down.”

The new season of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop airs November 12.

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