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Common speaks on his track “Sweet”

Common is speaking out on his latest release, the track “Sweet.”

On it fans of the Chi-town emcee heard the rapper offer criticism to a number of today’s unnamed rappers challenging “sweet” rappers to step their game up.

“Singing around here man…you ain’t no mothaFawking Frank Sinatra…sweet mothaFawka.”

Now Common’s clarifying his lyrics to XXL and explaining that he feels comfortable enough to give a performance in the White House and express himself as a man.

XXL: “When I heard “Sweet” I though to myself, “I haven’t heard Common talk Shyte like that since One Day It’ll All Make Sense.” What made you bring that old Common back?”

Common: “It’s funny you say the old Common, ‘cause one of my boys said, “Man, you remind me of when you was at FAMU [Florida A&M University] when he heard that song. He was like, “I’ve been waiting for that song for 20 years from you. I think what I did was just not put that responsibility of saying, “Man, OK, just because I went to the White House, I can’t express that side of me. Or just because I’m doing this brand partnership and because I am speaking to the kids and say, “Do something right,” that still don’t mean I ain’t an adult that feel like, “N*gga, get yo’ h*e a** out of here,” or I’ma fight when I need to fight. I had to make that decision for myself and part of it was just me being more comfortable in my skin and being like, “I’m a man, I ain’t gotta sit around and be worried about what everybody is gon think. I just gotta be who I am, what I am and say what I feel and if that Isht come out not the right thing, it’s not the right thing sometimes. But it’s right because it’s what I’m feeling and it’s true to the art and it’s music.”

XXL: “You also had the line, “Take a dive like Greg Louganis and his Beyotch a**.” He hit his head on the diving board. What made you come up with that line?”

Common: “I mean, he was soft. He was gay. [Laughs] At that time, I was just saying what was on my mind. I had a different way of thinking then in a way. I’m still gon’ say what’s on my mind, but you know, now whatever that person doing, that’s what they do. You can hear on “Sweet” I’m like, “You soft a** muthaFawkas, hoe a** n*ggas.” I’m just gon let it out, if I gotta let it out.”

Listen to Common’s “Sweet” below.