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NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe

Source: Nike / NIke

It seems Tom Sachs was serious about getting as many people into pairs of his NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe as he could. On Thursday (Sept. 29), the coveted sneaker in the “Archive” colorway dropped via Kohl’s.

Yes, Kohls. The department store retail chain more akin to Walmart than your local Nike outlet. On Thursday evening the announcement of the release was made via Kohl’s’ official Instagram.

“The NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe in the Archive Colorway is available in select Kohl’s stores—Today. Visit to learn which stores will be carrying the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe. #NikeCraft,” read the post.

From a quick perusal of locations, it seems like the chosen stores were away from big cities, i.e. Lancaster, NY, Battlecreek, MI and Topeka, KS are some of the spots that got blessed.

Sure enough, sneakerheads on social media start confirming this was no hoax. Apparently, buyers were only allowed to cop one pair, so, so much for doubling up. There is no doubt resellers will find a way to get their hands on at least some of the goods. But if this tactic means more civilians will be able to get their hands on the shoe for retail (a reasonable $110), we can’t be mad. Also, it’s a safe bet they’ll be sold out by tonight, if not tomorrow morning.

While the initial “Studio” colorway of the NikeCraft GPS is going for way over retail on resell sites, the Archive colorway has gotten a wider release in more stores (though it was still difficult to cop—usually raffles) and just restocked on SNKRS today (plenty of L’s were still handed out, as usual).

If you still want a pair, for retail, and still haven’t been able to secure a pair, good hunting. There’s hope.