“I ain’t put out an album in like 4 or 5 years so I figured I would give the people a lot of music and something for them to really vibe to.”

With the absence of Ja Rule from the music industry, his former home Murder Inc has crumbled as artists such as Lloyd and Ashanti have discussed their displeasure there and have searched for a new means for showcasing their music.

A performance between Rule and Ashanti during the recent VH1 Hip Hop Honors revealed the past magic between the two and dug up the past to a time when Rule had the rap game on lock.

Gone for quite some time, the rapper has been on a climb to finally return and has been preparing Venni Vetti Vecci 2010 for fans to sit back and hopefully realize why they fell for the artist so long ago.

Catching up with WorldStarHipHop¸ Rule spoke on what is coming with the new release and what to expect once it drops.

“It’s a real crazy album  It’s a three-disc set.  I got the He Came disc, He Saw disc and He Conquered.  They all different vibes…I don’t think it’s ever been done before.”

Currently, the rapper is in the process of releasing the music video for “Father, Forgive Me” which was featured on the free download album The Mirror.

Of course an interview with Rule would be incomplete without the mention of his adversary Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.  With the premiere of Jackson’s VH1 special, the rapper had some words as he spoke on his initial beef with Rule and how Rule was broken down as a man.

“Lets get past this b*%&h a*s ni**a Boo Boo…He owe me a lotta checks if you really think about it. “

Getting past 50 may be more of an obstacle than the rapper may believe.  After debuting in 2003, 50 basically flat lined the career of Mr. Jeffrey Atkins and he has been trying to hold on ever since.  With the two in the process of making their respective returns to music, it is imminent that they will be forced to bump heads once again.

Who will come out standing this time?

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