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These days everyone knows that Drake has enough money to finance his own small country, but recently he revealed he was barley getting gas money to open up for a Hip-Hop legend when he was trying to make a name for his Canadian self.

Per Page Six, the man currently known as the Six Gawd revealed that back in 2006 when he was only known as “Wheel Chair Jimmy” on the show Degrassi, he was getting paid a whole Benjamin to open up for Ice Cube when Cube did a show in Canada. Yes, $100 back in 2006 could’ve gotten you a pair of Air Force 1’s and a t-shirt, but these days a buck could barely fill up your gas tank.

Rumors about the low-paying sum of cash started to swirl years ago and were proved to be true this week when The Flyer Vault unearthed the original flier for the performance.

The flier showed the gig took place at the now-closed “Kool Haus” in Drake’s hometown of Toronto. The rapper performed songs from his debut mixtape “Room For Improvement.”

Talk about coming from humble beginnings. Couldn’t even bless him with a G or at least five of those big face Benjamins?

Still, things worked out pretty well for Drake as he went on to becoming one of the biggest stars in music and has amassed a wealth worth $250 million with rumors saying he’s actually worth a billion. Still, Drizzy used the moment to remind up and coming artists that it’s not what you start with but where you end up.

“This is for anybody getting 100 a show right now… keep going,” the rapper wrote to his 122M followers alongside the invoice on his Instagram Story.

Hey, if all you get is money to get from point A to point B while you’re following your dreams, get that paper and keep it moving.