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Amber Rose Talks About Her Mom Getting High With Wiz Khalifa, His Family’s Reaction To Her Nude Pics Leaking & Her Pet Names For The Rapper “He’s My Chicken Little Dinky Doodle” [Video]

If you never heard the Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa story, it’s right here. Amber tells 107.9 about her break up with Kanye, dealing with a few celebrities and how her mother smokes with Wiz Khalifa.

She also mentions the nude pictures that leaked on the Internet.

“I mean of course I was embarrassed, but I can’t get into details because I have a lawsuit against this person, but I’ll say this.

Me and Wiz and Wiz’s whole family and my whole family knew that the pictures were gonna leak a month before they even leaked. So, everybody in our family prepared ourselves for it. We already knew who was gonna do it.”