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“I always said I don’t wanna do this anymore after 35…Anytime between 30 and 35, I might give it up.”

The rap game is like sports in the idea that people enjoy playing in the game, but each player mentally has established a time in which they know it will be time to hang everything up and pursue something else.

While on tour, rapper Lil Wayne took some time out with Tim Westwood to speak on what will happen once he is no longer rapping and his post-retirement plans.

“I’m gonna retire in this and jump into some kind of ownership of a sports team.  I’m very heavily into sports, any sport…It doesn’t matter it could be basketball or football, it wouldn’t matter.  I could buy into a baseball team with someone.

Those that know Weezy know that outside of the music, he is a sports junky.  At the top of the year, the rapper found himself up against Skip Bayles on the “1st and 10” segment of ESPN First Take. He was also on the stations program Around The Horn where he was able to beat out the likes of Woody Paige and Michael Smith to win the episode.

Sports might just fit nicely with the New Orleans native.

Standing at number 2, right below his rap role model Jay-Z, Weezy has been on speed as he has continued to be on the move and expanding his musical audiences.  From breaking out into rock to further developing his Young Money label and artists, one would think that the gas tank would be starting to come real close to E and that Wayne was beginning to hit his peak.

For all those that believe that the rapper eater has finally hit his peak, he gives a subtle response.

“Nowhere near it.  If you ever say that you have reached your peak, the only way you can go is down.  So no, I have not hit it at all.  I haven’t even dropped Rebirth, you haven’t even heard Carter IV.”

As the rock album has been seen setback from push-backs, it has been hard to stay updated with Wayne on the music side of things.  For those waiting for the new album, the reported release date for the upcoming No Ceilings mixtape is scheduled for Halloween.

Even though Dedication 3 happened to go the retail route, Wayne assures his fans that this is not meant for purchase so save your dollars.

“If you pay for any mixtape of mine, you were jacked.”