As if Queen Latifah wasn’t busy enough, thoughts of motherhood have been taking up her time these days.

Apart from working on her new talk show and running her Miami film studio, the TV/music icon recently shared her desire to adopt or have a child of her own.

“I’m definitely going to adopt – or have – a child,” Queen Latifah tells More Magazine in her cover story. “I’ve wanted to adopt since I was 17 or 18-years-old.”

Latifah goes on to talk about the emotional trauma caused by her brother’s death, and being able to grow from it.

“As my Aunt Elaine says, ‘You never get over it, but you get through it’,” Queen Latifah said. “I think the most important thing I’ve learned is to not stop living. I know for a fact that my brother would not want me to stay right there, stuck in that misery.”

The Chi-town native will also be starring in an upcoming film with Dolly Parton and KeKe Palmer titled “Joyful Noise,” which airs at the top of the year.


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