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Bel-Air Season 2

Source: Peacock / Peacock

With the success of the first season of the reboot to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air a.k.a Bel-Air, it’s only right that fans get a second dose of the show, and yesterday Peacock released the first trailer to the sophomore year of the drama series.

With the first season mainly focusing on a young Will Smith (Jabari Banks) adopting to the lavish life of his well-off family in Bel-Air, the trailer to the second season seems to find Will more confident in his place amongst the rich and famous. In a voice over he states “Stay true to your vision no matter the cost. Play the game they want you to play or draw the line and simply walk away. We all got choices to make… but this time no one choose for me.”

Should be interesting to see how things pan out for Will in season two as his absentee father Lou (Marlon Wayans) popped up out of left field with a memorable performance to close out season one.

Check out the teaser trailer to season 2 of Bel-Air below and let us know if you’ll be checking it out when it premiers on Peacock on Feb. 23.