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Kanye West Dropped By Company Behind Stem Player

Source: MEGA / Getty

The Ls keep on coming for AntismeYE, aka Kanye West. Kano, the company behind the Stem Player many believed the rapper “invented,” is no longer working with West.

Company founder Alex Klein, who is also half-Jewish, revealed in a brief interview with The Los Angeles Times that his company cut ties with Kanye West.

Klein confirmed the rapper’s penchant for pushing “racial conspiracy theories” as the sole reason Kano decided enough was enough and dropped Ye like a bad habit.

“There’s no deal in place,” Klein said. “I asked Kanye not to take the path he’s on,” he said, “We’ve told him that we’re unable to work together while he’s putting out racial conspiracy theories.”

Klein also noted that he and West had other issues during their partnership that did see the release of the DONDA Stem Player, which was exclusively the home for his latest album at one point.

According to the tech entrepreneur West allegedly “didn’t want to allow other musical artists onto the platform,” a problem that the company and Ye “had trouble resolving.”

Yeezy did offer to buy the company and the Stem Player, but Klein shut down that offer.

Kanye West Long List of Ls

Kano joins the still-growing list of companies that have cut ties with the embattled multihyphenate. He has lost his deal with adidas, Balenciaga, and GAP.

He epically failed when trying to make a pitch to Skechers and was escorted off the premises after his surprise visit.

If he can count anything as a win, West and his buddy Donald Trump’s accounts were reinstated by Elon Musk’s Twitter.

The rapper also showed up ComplexCon, where his loyal yeezites quickly hounded him before he dipped out of the building.

We will continue to let you know who else decides to drop Kanye West, like a bad habit.

Photo: MEGA / Getty