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Noor Faleh Almaleki is recuperating at an Arizona hospital after being viciously assaulted by her own father.

The 20-year-old student was walking in a parking lot with close friend, 43-year-old Amal Edan, when her father ran both of them over with is Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The reason for this travesty? Faleh Hassan Almaleki, 48, believed that his daughter had become “too ‘Westernized,” also noting that she was not living according to “traditional Iraqi values.”

About one year ago Noor was scheduled to be married against her will in an arranged ceremony. She objected to the ritual, and left home, moving in boyfriend and his mother.

This attack undoubtedly adds more stains to the image of Islam, and those whom practice its teaching, with each “honor killing” attack giving mainstream media outlets more opportunities to slander a beautiful religion.

“It’s reprehensible,” said Ibrahim Ramey of  the Muslim American Society. “It’s wrong.”

The young Almaleki suffered horrendous injuries during the attack and is currently listed in “life-threatening” condition. Hassan Almaleki was last seen at the crime scene and has yet to be apprehended.

He was last seen in a grey or silver Jeep Cherokee (2000) with Arizona license plate ADS-9192.