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Delta & T-Mobile Providing Free Wi-Fi To SkyMiles Members

Source: NurPhoto / Getty / Delta 

Flying the friendly skies got a bit better for Delta Skymiles Members thanks to Delta’s longstanding partnership with T-Mobile.

Hinting at this big move coming in 2023, Delta has finally confirmed that SkyMiles Members will get free inflight Wi-Fi as part of its partnership with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile customers already enjoyed the perk of having free Wi-Fi during flights but beginning Feb.1, the program will expand to Skymile Members even if they don’t use T-Mobile as a wireless carrier.

With any “free service,” users should expect to experience some ads before they are given access to the Wi-Fi.

Not all of Delta’s flights will have free Wi-Fi; per the company’s announcement, the free service will roll out on “most” mainline domestic flights at launch, and by the end of 2023 will be available on more than 700 planes in its fleet. Delta says International and regional routes will have free Wi-Fi in 2024.

To utilize the perk, passengers need to provide their SkyMiles number, which they can get by just signing up for one. Also, according to T-Mobile SVP Kevin McLaughlin, there will be “no session limits,” and it will run on Viasat’s network, McLaughlin confirmed to The Verge.

Delta uses two Wi-Fi providers but favors Viasat as the better option due to “streaming capable speeds from pushback to park.”

Now, we need the FAA to finally admit that newer phones don’t affect flight safety, which airlines, the US regulatory agency, and airline companies are currently looking into. 

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty