Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford was traveling home earlier this week to Boston from Indianapolis when a passenger on the flight had a medical issue. Leaping to action, Dr. Stanford was questioned on her credentials by a pair of Delta flight attendants in what appears to be a classic case of alleged racial profiling.

When it comes to traveling we value convenience as well as safety and security. No one likes to wait on long TSA lines, crowded waiting areas or “invasive scanning” so Monday, Delta announced they will be rolling out biometric scanners at their lounges across the country.

First the Migos had to square up on Joe Budden and now Delta. The airline recently kicked the trio off a flight due to “disorderly conduct.”

Delta Airlines recently acknowledged pilot Stephanie Johnson as the first Black woman captain for the established travel company. Capt. Johnson and First Officer Dawn Cook embarked on a historic flight together as the first Black women pilots to command a crew.

Delta Airlines is suspending flights to Israel indefinitely, amid safety concerns stemming from the current conflict in the Middle East. The company announced Tuesday (July 22) that Tel Aviv-bound Delta flight 468,was diverted to Paris following a reported rocket launch near the airport in Israel.